D02 SB

Satin Black
SKU : 23949

The Defy D02 Satin Black wheel, sized at 20″ x 8.5″, exudes a confident aura with its understated yet impactful design. The Satin Black finish adds a touch of subtlety while maintaining a strong presence on the road. With a balanced 20″ x 8.5″ size, the Defy D02 wheel harmonizes aesthetics and performance, making a statement that speaks to both style and substance. Elevate your vehicle’s character with the Defy D02 Satin Black, where refined visuals meet functional excellence.

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Sku Finish Size Bolt Patterns Offset Bore Price Shop
D02 285 547 +32SB Satin Black 20" x 8.5" 5 x 120 32 mm 72.56
D02 285 545 +38SB Satin Black 20" x 8.5" 5 x 114.3 38 mm 73.1
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